Installation, repairs and servicing of all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems to meet your climate control needs.


We carry the parts and supplies needed to maintain and repair all kinds of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.


ACC specializes in ECOX and DAIKIN products, but can work with a wide variety of brands to meet your climate control needs.

How we started

The year-round warm climate of One Happy Island requires superior refrigeration and air conditioning solutions. Aruba Climate Control has been meeting climate control needs across Aruba since 1992. That’s 25 years of knowledge, expertise, and top-notch customer service covering every aspect of air conditioning and refrigeration systems installation, repair and maintenance.

What we do

ACC Aruba Climate Control NV is located in Aruba and specializes in quality air conditioning and refrigeration installations, repairs, and servicing. ACC provides 24/7 rapid-response emergency services when needed. We offer sales, installation, servicing and repairs on any brand. ACC is an official dealer of DAIKIN and ECOX product lines.

Cool Comfort Where You Need It, When You Need It

Keeping Your COOL Even When Life Gets HOT

Whether it’s at home or at work, life is better when you can control your climate. Air conditioning is not a luxury in Aruba – it’s a necessity. ACC is ready to help you keep your cool no matter how high the mercury rises outside.

Emergency Calls

Only for emergency calls +297 5838959 and we’ll dispatch a rapid-response team to resolve your issue as quickly as we can.

Providing Real Value

We believe meeting your climate control needs shouldn’t cost you an arm and leg. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions that fit your budget.

Come Visit Us

Stop by our offices if you’d like to learn more about the products and services we provide to meet your climate control needs.


Installing your air conditioning or refrigeration system with care and precision helps ensure it will meet your climate control needs for many years to come.


Keeping your air conditioning or refrigeration system well-maintained with regular servicing is the key to making sure it works smoothly and efficiently.


In a perfect world, your climate control equipment would never stop functioning, but there will inevitably come a time when it needs repairs. When that time comes, we stand ready to respond, including 24/7 emergency service when needed.

Some of our Awards


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