Climate Control Solutions All Across Aruba


Whether it’s meeting your climate control need at home or at work, Aruba Climate Control offers a full range of services to get the job done. Air conditioning and HVAC systems of all shapes and sizes, walk in coolers and other refrigeration systems – ACC has you covered for installation, maintenance and repairs.

INSTALLATION: We’ll sit down with you to thoroughly discuss your needs and come to an agreement about what type of system and equipment will best meet your climate control needs, and we’ll do our best to work within your budgetary constraints. We work with such a wide variety of brands that we’ll always be able to find a system to meet your needs.

MAINTENANCE: Every system and the equipment it relies on needs regular servicing to keep it well-maintained so that it continues to meet your climate control needs smoothly and efficiently. Keeping your system in good working order means you’ll have the peace of mind that you can keep your cool no matter how high the outside temperature rises.

REPAIRS: Although HVAC equipment, air conditioners and refrigeration systems continue to improve year after year, no system or piece of equipment lasts forever without the occasional breakdown. ACC technicians can work on any system or equipment to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

SUPPORT: If your system stops functioning, there is no need to panic. ACC offers  rapid-response emergency service to address your situation and fix the problem.

One of ACC’s Trusted Product Lines


Daikin is widely recognized as a world leader in air conditioning equipment. Their products are sold in over 140 countries, and ACC is proud to present Daikin products in Aruba. Since the early 1930’s, Daikin has worked to realize a better environment and quality of life through providing cooling solutions.

Another of ACC’s Trusted Product Lines


Ecox has been creating pleasurable environments in both residential and commercial settings with a huge array of products from small to large.

Modine by Luvata


When time is critical, a field-applied spray coating may be the right solution. Luvata Insitu® is a permanent, water-based, synthetic coating developed specifically for the protection of heat exchange units. It can be applied quickly at our facilities or on-site.

  • Luvata Insitu® benefits:
  • Decreases pressure and temperature deltas
  • Extends operational life
  • Creates a smooth surface for easy maintenance
  • High chemical and UV resistance
  • Drop ship available
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Meets low VOC, water-based SCAQMD emission standards
  • Flexible
  • No refrigerant removal necessary
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